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Renting a property in Croatia


What do I need to know if I want to let my Croatian property to someone?

High season in Croatia lasts 15 weeks on average. Length of this period may be extended with other options apart from swimming in the sea (cycling, fishing, scuba diving, sailing, etc.). The average price for an apartment for 4 people (two-bedroom apartment) in high season (25.6.-25.9.) ranges between 90-110 Euro per night. During high season, 70-90 Euro per night is usually charged for an apartment for 2 people, in dependence on the facilities of the apartment, distance from the sea and desirability of the site. Owners of rented properties pay only fixed annual tax on rent per bed. It amounts to 300 HRK per bed per year. The fixed tax replaces the income tax. An additional fee of approximately 300 HRK per bed per year is paid to the regional office of tourism. Only these fees are required. The owner must register for VAT if his revenues reach an amount of 30,000 Euro. Additional costs include fees for energy, water, garbage collection, etc. The electricity costs about 1,10 HRK per 1kW, water about 10-15 HRK per m3 and garbage collection about 600-1000 HRK per year, depending on location of the property.

A lease can be carried out by a natural person as well as by a limited liability company (LLP). The form of NP (natural person) is easier for both its foundation and administration. With the form of NP you need to take only the following steps:

a) License - permission to lease your property
b) Classification of the property (obtaining stars based on the equipment of the property It takes approximately one month to arrange these two documents.)

In case of interest we may arrange them for our clients for a fee of 500 Euro plus travel expenses. There is also the possibility to leave the management of the property to the agency, which will ensure all administration concerning the leasing of the property. Sample offer of the property management can be downloaded "here". The cost of individual services can usually be negotiated. In case of interest, we can arrange for a maintenance. If an EU citizen leases a property as a natural person, they may apply for a license for a maximum of 8 rooms and 16 beds. In the case of renting through an agency, there is no limit. Regarding the people who reside outside the EU, founding of a company is needed in order to be able to lease a property in Croatia.

Drinking and service water on the islands


What is the situation with drinking and service water on the islands?

If the property is located near a bigger tourist centre or a town, then it will most probably be connected to the communal water supply. If this is not the case, there is a great possibility that it will be connected in the very near future (it is a good idea to find out whether there is a new water supply planned near to your property). If there is no water supply connection planned in the long term, there are water reservoirs installed at such properties. These consist of two parts – one is used for rainwater (service water) and the other for drinking water. The drinking water is supplied by specialised companies. These companies charge about 400 Kuna/10 m3 for drinking water, including transport.

Translating service costs in Croatia


How much do translating services in Croatia cost?

Prices of translating services are about 25 EUR per hour plus travel expenses.

Property management and maintenance services in Croatia


What is included in the management and maintenance services of property in Croatia and how much do they cost?

Property management and maintenance are important services for owners who don’t live in Croatia for most of the year. They become necessary when you buy a property which you intent to let out and need someone to take care of accommodating your clients, cleaning, washing of bed linens, regular checks of the condition of property, marketing and solving unexpected problems (trouble with air-conditioning, appliances, drain blockages), etc. "Click here" to download prices of property management in the area of Dalmatia.

Costs of setting up a Croatian business company d. o. o. (limited liability)


What are the costs of setting up a Croatian business company d. o. o. (limited liability company)?

Since February 2009, it has not been necessary to set up a business company in Croatia in order to buy Croatian properties. However, here we present the costs of setting up one (we can found such company for you if you are interested):

 Basic capital  3.000 EUR
 Notarial fees  1.200 EUR
 Our handling commission  500 EUR
 4.700 EUR

Overall costs of buying a property in Croatia


What are the overall costs of buying a property in Croatia?

Below, we present a sample calculation of the final sum you would pay when buying a property in Croatia. We used an example of a 100.000 EUR apartment:

Purchase price of the property 100.000 EUR
* Our commission 3% 3.000 EUR
** Real estate transfer tax 3% 3.000 EUR
Legal and notarial services 1,25% 1.250 EUR
TOTAL 107.250 EUR

* For properties over 1 mil EUR, we charge a commission fee of 2 %
** If the property is owned by a business or company, you don´t pay real estate transfer tax

Average monthly costs of a flat in Croatia


What are the average monthly costs of a flat in Croatia?

Monthly cost estimation of the property have to be based on the number of people using the property and prevalently consumption. Therefore, we present the unit prices, which should be sufficient to answer this query:

  • electricity is around 1,10 Kunas/ 1kW
  • water 10-15 Kunas/ m3
  • communal fees (waste disposal) 600-1000 Kunas/ year depending on location

Income Tax when selling a Croatian property


Is there Income Tax when selling a Croatian property?

If you sell a Croatian property within 3 years of buying it you pay 25 % or 35 % of the difference between purchase price and sale price. This income tax doesn't apply if you sell a property 3 years after you bought it.

Permit for long-term stay in Croatia


Do I need a permit for long-term stay in Croatia?

If you decide to stay in Croatia for longer than 90 days, you have to apply at the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia for "First temporary stay" for the duration of 1 year. The permit is then renewed in Croatia at the respective Croatian police office.

Setting up a business company in order to buy a Croatian property


Is it necessary to set up a business company in order to buy a Croatian property?

The answer to this question is definitely not. In Croatia, there was an amendment passed on the 1st of January 2009, which allows EU citizens to buy Croatian properties (excluding farmland, woodland and land in protected landscape areas) into private ownership without the need to form a legal entity as in the past. The purchase process for non EU citizens is the same as for EU citizens. They only have to apply Ministry of Justice for permission to transfer their ownership and pruchase contract has to contain special article because of that fact (we manage it for our clients).

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