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Last queries

Permission for a long stay in Italy


Do I need a permission for a long stay in Italy?

EU citizens do not need visas for entry into Italy, regardless of the planned duration of the stay. A valid passport or identity card is sufficient to enter the country.
All citizens from countries outside the EU must have a visa for a stay longer than three months (90 days). The Italian Embassy can provide guidance on the type of visa required and the documents needed for the application. Visa must be inserted into the passport before arriving in Italy.

Monthly costs of the apartment in Italy.


What are the average monthly costs of the apartment in Italy?

Estimate the monthly running costs of the property must be based on the number of people using the property and their usual consumption. Introducing the unit price, which should be sufficient to answer this query.

  • the price of electricity is around 0,217 euro/ 1 kWh
  • the average price of water 1.62 euro/ m3
  • the cost of garbage collection is about 2,50 Euro/m2/year. The price for waste disposal may vary  in regions of Italy.

Other costs:

  • Maintenance of gardens, swimming pool, community payment (according m2) 20-80 euro/ month.
  • Property tax (ICI) from 0.2 to 0.4% of the property price. Payable annually.

Average expenditure per 85 m2 apartment (electricity, heating, water, garbage) is around 160 euro / month.

General costs of buying property in Italy


What are the total costs of buying property in Italy?

The total cost of buying property in Italy is about 10-13% of the purchase price.


Purchase price of property          100.000 euro
Our commission 3%                         3.000 euro
Real estate transfer tax of 7%          7.000 euro
Legal and notary services 3%          3.000 euro
TOTAL                                             113.000 euro

Real Estate Management in Italy


What offers and how much is a management and maintenance of real estate in Italy?

Maintenance of gardens, swimming pool, community payment (according m2) 20-80 euro / month.

Translation Services in Italy.


How much is a translation service in Italy?

Italian - English: 50-90 euro / hour, 350-500 euro / day (7hrs),
translator with multiple languages knowledge: 60-100 euro / hour, 400-600 euro / day (7hrs),
interpretation Italian-English: 20-50 USD / hour.

Drinking and hot water on the islands


What about drinking and service water on the islands?

Tap water is drinkable throughout Italy.

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